Xland is a blockchain-based exploration gamefi, where players acquire Xland tokens to access rare exploration resources through in-game activities. Explore a virtual maritime world, obtain character NFTs, follow clues on the map, and face challenges.

Rewards are distributed as Xland tokens, NFT and fractions ensuring fairness and transparency through blockchain recording. Experience adventure while gaining knowledge of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Xland combines fun, sustainability, and player engagement, making it an important work in blockchain gaming.

Meet the Characters



While someone rules the land, it is inevitable that someone will rule the oceans. The sea may be blue, but the Voyager prefers to don a green robe. No one questions the Voyager's dominion over the sea. Through the lens of a telescope, the Voyager's gaze seems to penetrate the final veil of mist. What lies beyond that mist? Only the Voyager knows!



  • Fraction Combination: Voyager A can be obtained through the invitation mechanism by inviting 100 players. Voyager B requires inviting players who already possess the Captain character, with at least 2 players meeting this requirement.
  • VIP system.
  • Purchase from the auction house.

Exquisite Game Graphics

We specialize in creating exquisitely designed game graphics that capture the meticulous efforts of our talented artists, showcasing the breathtaking landscapes of XLAND. As pioneers of the gamefi revolution, we are pushing boundaries by liberating ourselves from pixel-level visuals.

Immersive Game Narrative

In the enchanting realm of XLAND, our NFT characters spring to life, embarking on captivating adventures alongside players as they delve into a future of endless possibilities. Within XLAND's immersive landscape, a compelling and vibrant game narrative unfolds, captivating players and transporting them to new realms of excitement. As pioneers in the realm of gameplay, we are dedicated to banishing monotony and boredom from the GameFi experience, ushering in a new era of boundless entertainment.

Dynamic Economics and Accessibility

At XLAND, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive rewards ecosystem consisting of three tokens and a diverse system that ensures every contributor receives their well-deserved returns. We are at the forefront of the gamefi revolution, eliminating the frustration of helplessness in recharging or enduring endless waiting times. By prioritizing robust economics and lowering barriers, we empower players to fully immerse themselves in the XLAND experience without any barries or limitations

Co-creating XLAND's Future

Through our DAO governance system, fleets, and skilled navigators, we empower players to shape XLAND's destiny. As GameFi protagonists, they join forces to build a vibrant future collaboratively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xland?

It's an exploration-based gamefi on blockchain.

What is the background of Xland?

Xland received initial funding from Hong Kong Telecom PCCW and Tonson Group. Tonson Group is a renowned diversified investment company based in Thailand.

How to obtain Trainee NFT?

New members receive it upon registration.

What are the differences and limitations of NFT characters?

NFT characters have different rarity, attributes, abilities and levels. Acquisition methods include tasks, sign-ins, and referrals, reward times differ among roles, and holding quantity limits the NFT characters.

What is XP?

XP is an in-game currency. Players can purchase XP or earn it by completing daily tasks for NFT level up.

What is GGP?

GGP (Global Governance Points) is a character upgrade score that can be obtained through various means such as receiving a portion of XC withdrawal fees and inviting users. By accumulating a certain amount of GGP, players can increase their character levels and unlock corresponding HP base values.

What are the character qualities S, R, SR, SSR, UR? How do they level up?

Character qualities S, R, SR, SSR, and UR represent different tiers. To level up, a character NFT needs to reach certain level milestones. Each tier upgrade requires consuming same-name NFTs for combination and increases the NFT's HP base value. The progression is as follows: S(2N), R (2S), SR (2R), SSR(2SR), and UR(2*SSR).

Can NFTs with different qualities be upgraded?

No, only same-quality NFTs can be upgraded.

What are the NFT reward rules?

Last expedition organizer on each island receives NFT reward.


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Visit the Events Hub to find Daily Bounties and earn in-game currency each time you play, or take part in regular and timed events that boost your rewards or unlock special cosmetics.